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Array Networks Achieves Industry-Leading ECC Performance with New Line of AppVelocity-E Application Delivery Controllers
Posted: Tue Jul 11, 2017 03:09:49 PM

Array Networks

ADCs deliver outright performance superiority for the latest-generation SSL encryption standard

Milpitas, CA – July 11, 2017 – Array Networks, Inc., the network functions platform company, announced today the immediate availability of AppVelocity-E for Array APV Series Application Delivery Controllers. Purpose-built for offloading the latest-generation SSL encryption standard, AppVelocity-E raises the bar for high-performance ECC secure transaction processing. Transactions per second (TPS) and throughput for ECC and RSA cyphers are unmatched, as is price-performance as compared to other ADCs on the market. APV Series Application Delivery Controllers with support for AppVelocity-E include:

  • APV2600v5 – 14K ECC SSL TPS and 9Gbps ECC SSL throughput. A full-featured application delivery controller for small to medium-sized businesses
  • APV3600v5 – 29K ECC SSL TPS and 23Gbps ECC SSL throughput. A full-featured application delivery controller for medium-sized organizations
  • APV7600 – 38K ECC SSL TPS and 33Gbps ECC SSL throughput. A full-featured application delivery controller for large-sized organizations
  • APV11600 – 75K ECC SSL TPS and 80Gbps ECC SSL throughput. A full-featured application delivery controller for large enterprises

Industry-Leading Performance for ECC SSL Offloading

As compared to more traditional RSA SSL encryption, ECC delivers a greater degree of security in a much more efficient manner. For instance, ECC encryption using 256-bit keys is stronger than RSA encryption using 2048-bit keys. As a result, customers achieve higher-level security without a corresponding increase in CapEx. In addition, OpEx savings are achieved by reducing communications channel overhead and power requirements for cryptographic processing.

Compared to ADCs from competing vendors, AppVelocity-E provides a price-performance ratio that delivers twice the ECC performance for a given price point, or equivalent ECC performance at half the price – driving significant ROI for ensuring high availability and security for business-critical applications.

“As a pioneer in the application delivery space, we are excited to further raise the bar with our new AppVelocity-E product offering,” said Paul Andersen, senior director of marketing at Array Networks. “With support for high-performance ECC, Array continues to set the standard for secure application delivery, while at the same time giving customers a superior combination of price performance and outright performance.”

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