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Array Networks Solutions - Performance

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Virtualized appliances

Array Virtualized Appliances

AVX Series virtualized appliances provide the best of both worlds – the agility of cloud and virtualization with the performance of dedicated appliances.

APV series

Application Delivery Controllers

Available as physical or virtual appliances, Array ADCs are designed to meet technical requirements while remaining simple enough for any size IT team and affordable enough for any size business.

SSL Offloading for Scaling Secured Applications

SSL offloading is an essential strategy for assuring the performance of servers and business-critical applications. SSL offloading manages compute-intensive key exchange and bulk encryption and client certificate management and is ideal for scaling secure SaaS services and e-commerce environments as well as healthcare, financial services and other business-critical applications requiring high-volume secure connectivity.

Recent changes in SSL security standards have altered the landscape for network managers and application infrastructure teams. While more secure than the previous 1024-bit standard, the new 2048-bit SSL standard is five times more compute intensive and can directly impact both application performance and IT budgets.

At the same time, there is a growing trend towards broader, more ubiquitous use of SSL and demand for more robust solutions that minimize exposure to vulnerabilities such as the recent Heartbleed bug. To address these and future challenges, Array offers the most scalable, secure, feature-rich and cost-effective SSL offloading solution on the market.

Benefits of SSL Offloading

By offloading SSL functions to dedicated Array application delivery controllers, a significant burden is lifted from Web and application servers. As a result, server efficiency and application performance are greatly improved. Because Array ADCs offer unmatched scalability with the lowest cost per SSL transaction per second (TPS), businesses can support more secure connections than ever before without impacting the end-user experience and without undue cost and complexity. Moreover, Array’s purpose-built SSL stack delivers not only greater performance and scalability, it is also immune to the vulnerabilities that affect open source implementations such as OpenSSL.

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Offloading SSL onto dedicated ADCs lessens the burden on servers, enabling more efficient use of resources and superior application performance.

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Purpose-built SSL stack supports 2048 and 4096-bit cipher keys and is immune to bugs that affect open-source implementations such as OpenSSL.

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For organization with a large volume of secure transactions, Array appliances support up to 70K SSL TPS with the lowest $ per SSL TPS on the market.

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Offload SSL to improve the performance of virtual ADCs or deploy high-performance SSL to give security solutions visibility into encrypted traffic.

Load Balancing and WAN Optimization for Application Acceleration

Application acceleration delivers a faster end-user experience, which in turn drives increased service adoption; application acceleration also improves the efficiency of underlying infrastructure, facilitating maximum return on investment.

Achieving the highest level of application performance requires a combination of both data center and network optimization. In the data center, Array load balancing and application delivery solutions offload compute-intensive functions such as SSL encryption and connection handling from servers, enabling them to operate in their power band for maximum application performance. Across wide area networks and Internet connections, Array WAN optimization solutions compress and reduce application traffic to improve response times by 10x or more.

For maximum application acceleration, Array’s application-aware load balancing and application-specific blueprints for WAN optimization provide a layer of application intelligence that further tunes performance and speeds data transfer from anywhere, to anywhere.

Load Balancing & Data Center Acceleration

Load balancing offloads compute-intensive functions such as SSL encryption and TCP connection processing from servers, enabling them to operate in their power band for maximum efficiency and application performance. In addition, integrated server-side acceleration functions such as connection multiplexing, in-memory caching, adaptive compression and traffic shaping may be applied to further accelerate application response times to any user, anywhere, without the need for client software.

WAN Optimization & Application Acceleration

WAN optimization reduces response times for applications accessed over wide area networks by minimizing the traffic that travels between remote offices and data centers, public and private clouds, and remote users. By mitigating the effects of limited bandwidth, high latency, packet loss and network congestion on application performance, WAN optimization reduces end-user response times by up to 95% and ensures a LAN-like experience regardless of where users access applications and data.

Application-Intelligent Traffic Management

Every enterprise application, cloud service and back-up and replication scheme has unique requirements. By leveraging application-level intelligence, load balancing and WAN optimization solutions can be tuned for maximum performance. Certified and validated deployment guides ensure optimized load balancing and application delivery settings, and application-specific blueprints allow WAN optimization to recognize application traffic and apply the correct mix of acceleration functions.

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Processing SSL traffic generated by e-commerce transactions consumes a significant number of server cycles due to bulk encryption requirements and new compute-intensive 2048-bit SSL standards. By offloading SSL encryption from servers to dedicated load balancing appliances, retail and e-commerce businesses can do more with less while maximizing the performance, availability and security of their online operations.

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Enterprise & SaaS Applications

Whether delivering enterprise applications to users at remote branch locations or delivering software services from the cloud to end-user customers, performance is key to driving productivity and user satisfaction. By combining load balancing and application delivery with WAN optimization, performance can be accelerated end-to-end from the data center to end users for any enterprise application or cloud service.

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Backup & Replication

WAN optimization improves the performance of today’s leading backup and replication solutions, such as Dell EqualLogic, IBM Tivoli Fast Back and Storage Manager, NetApp SnapMirror and many others. In addition to reducing time windows for backup and replication, WAN optimization can assist business continuity and disaster recovery efforts by accelerating recovery in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.

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Because WAN optimization appliances are not cost-effective or practical for remote users, a mobile client is available to accelerate traffic between individual devices and WAN optimization appliances in the data center or cloud. Through Array mobile clients, bandwidth consumption is commonly reduced by 60-95% and files download up to 20 times faster to produce a computing experience optimized for higher overall productivity.

WAN Optimization for the Cloud, Datacenter, Branch and Remote Worker

WAN optimization accelerates enterprise applications, improves backup and recovery times and reduces bandwidth and infrastructure costs by prioritizing business-critical functions, applying intelligent compression algorithms to site-to-site and mobile traffic and eliminating the transmission of redundant data across wide area networks.

Leveraging stream-based differencing, application blueprints, single instance store, traffic prioritization and network, application and TCP optimizations, Array WAN optimization solutions mitigate the effects of limited bandwidth, high latency, packet loss and network congestion to improve application response times by more than 50x and reduce bandwidth utilization by up to 95%.

Accelerate WAN Performance

Accelerate the performance of enterprise applications, file shares, Web content, email and voice and video across the WAN by prioritizing and compressing application traffic and eliminating transmission of redundant data across the network.

Reduce Costs while Improving UX

Reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs by deploying WAN optimization in place of remote and distributed servers. User experience (UX) is assured with up to 95% reduction in response times accessing remote files and applications.

Achieve Backup/Replication Goals

Low bandwidth, high latency, network contention, and packet loss on the WAN can interfere with an enterprise’s ability to quickly and efficiently achieve recovery-time objective (RTO) and recovery-point objective (RPO) goals. WAN optimization reduces data backup and replication times by more than 90%, which subsequently reduces bandwidth requirements and frees it for other uses.

Accelerate Performance for Remote Users

A mobile client for WAN optimization improves application performance to and from remote endpoints, providing remote and mobile users with a LAN-like user experience.

Flexible Options for WAN Optimization

A range of flexible Array WAN optimization solutions are available to cost-effectively improve WAN connectivity in almost any environment where performance across the WAN is a critical factor. Physical or virtual appliances, or software for Windows servers and devices, may be deployed as needed to deliver LAN-like performance from anywhere, to anywhere.

Array WAN optimization controllers are available as physical appliances ranging from 10Mbps to 1Gbps throughput and supporting thousands of concurrent connections and users; as virtual appliances running on VMware ESXi hypervisors and Windows Server; and as a software client for remote and mobile users with Windows 7 devices, enabling acceleration in conjunction with WAN optimization running in a data center or cloud. A configuration management system (CMS) is available for end-to-end control over deployments, including maintenance and global policy configuration.

WAN Optimization for Backup & Replication Acceleration

When backing up and replicating data, or implementing redundant data centers for business continuity planning, the performance of wide area connections can be a critical factor. Low bandwidth, high latency, network contention and packet loss can interfere with the ability to efficiently achieve recover-time objectives and recovery point objectives.

Array aCelera™ WAN optimization controllers enable data backup and replication acceleration which mitigates long backup windows due to chatty protocols through data differencing and reduction algorithms that reduce traffic and round trips over the WAN. In addition, only newly changed data is sent across the WAN, further reducing bandwidth requirements through replication acceleration.

Deployed in WAN Series physical appliances, or as virtual appliances or Windows software, aCelera replication acceleration helps businesses recover their most valuable asset – their company data – in record time while reducing business continuity costs, reducing backup window times and minimizing network bandwidth consumption.

Meet RTO and RPO Goals

Data differencing and reduction algorithms reduce long storage backup windows by reducing traffic and round trips over the WAN

Assure Business Continuity

Business continuity is assured by reducing the bandwidth requirements for backup and replication, and reducing time-consuming incremental backups

Reduce Bandwidth Requirements

A 90% reduction in data backup and replication times which subsequently reduces bandwidth requirements and frees it for other uses.

Improve Performance Across the Board

Improved performance is ensured by accelerating backup and replication activities as well as routine applications and data traffic.

Deploying aCelera for Business Continuity

aCelera physical appliances and software for cloud and virtualized environments are symmetrically deployed at data centers, remote and branch offices and mirrored sites. All aCelera solutions can be configured to support high availability, as is commonly required in business continuity environments – and improve the performance of today’s leading backup and replication solutions, such as Dell EqualLogic, IBM Tivoli Fast Back and Storage Manager, NetApp SnapMirror and many others. A critical component to a successful backup and replication plan, aCelera WAN optimization solutions can assist your business continuity and disaster recovery efforts by accelerating storage backup, replication and recovery in a manner that is both efficient and cost-effective.